Welcome to my website. I am a 25-year-old creative artist from the Czech Republic. I have been interested in art from a very young age, but have only been engaged in creating t-shirt designs and all types of illustrations, which you can see on this website, for the past 4 years.    More...

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Hello in 2020


I know i know, web is bad, it is slow, and there are only very old designs. "Animated bug" on the top will shut your PC down if you stay on my page long enought :D. I always say, i am working on it... but in fact, I am only preparing to work on it... last 7 years, i think :D. I hope, this year will be different and my aunt named procrastination will fu*k off and let me work. But as i see it, i will write same article in 2021.


Sorry for my english, me no good speaker...


Have a nice day



Raxarts Shop
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Hi all

After 4 years i am back to tell you some news about Raxarts. We created T-shirt E-shop  with many of our designs so check it out! :)

Raxarts Shop


Have a nice day :)

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 Hi all again  

    It took a long time, but finally the new webdesign is ready and functional in all directions. I'll be glad if you check gallery, rate designs or leave a comment. We added photos and gallery filters that can help you check the availability for your favorite designs (Licence or T-shirt prints). If you found any problem on this page, please inform me on email For more info about Raxarts check About


Thank you and have a nice day ;)

Turtle Strike comming soon!
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Hi all



I hope you all like mobile/Pc games, turtles and a lot of weapons because one of my bigest project is comming out soon for iOS and Android! I am working with really awesome team, that is needed to complete this first Live Turn-Based multiplayer game. For more info about game visit TurtleStrike.